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What's Verto

Verto is a FreeSWITCH endpoint that implements a subset of a JSON-RPC connection designed for use over secure web sockets. The initial target is WebRTC to simplify coding and implementing calls from web browsers and devices to FreeSWITCH. This allows a web browser or other WebRTC client to originate a call using Verto into a FreeSWITCH installation and then out to the PSTN using SIP, SS7, or other supported protocol. This moves FreeSWITCH farther out onto the cutting edge of real-time communications technology while maintaining interoperability with SIP and other legacy protocols.

In short words, Verto simplifies communications between modern devices.


mod_verto is the signaling protocol. It's the FreeSWITCH module responsible for abstracting SIP protocol and it depends on mod_rtc for secure media streaming services. Read more about it on FreeSWITCH Confluence.

verto library

The jQuery library which connects and deals with FreeSWITCH mod_verto through a web socket.

Implemented applications

These are some examples of web clients that can be implemented on top of mod_verto.

What will be covered

In this tutorial, we're going to learn by examples how to install, import and use verto jQuery library to create a basic video conference web application.

Click here and get started.