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Before we can use Verto, we'll need to install it. There are two options available:

  • Install FreeSWITCH + Verto
  • Install Verto only

If you're going to use a self hosted FreeSWITCH server you can use the FreeSWITCH Installation Guide and mod_verto Guide.

If you have an external FreeSWITCH server with mod_verto enabled or just wish to use Verto stand-alone, follow the next steps.


We need Node.js installed in order to have access to its package manager, npm.



With Node.js installed and Node Package Manager available, install verto library inside lib/ directory.:

npm install verto

Verto library should be installed in lib/node_modules/verto/ directory now.


Verto depends on jQuery and jQuery JSON, so let's install them too:

npm install jquery
npm install jquery-json

Next step is import and initialize Verto in our project.