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Since we've got a Verto client working and connected to a Verto server, it's time to make an audio call.

Building interface

Let's keep things simple and just add a button:

<div class="container">
  <h1>Verto - Demo Application</h1>
  <button id="make-call">Make call</button>
</div> <!-- /container -->

Binding click

Inside our bootstrap function add event bindings with a function callback so that we know when user clicked our Make Call button:

function bootstrap(status) {
  // ...
  document.getElementById("make-call").addEventListener("click", makeCall);

Specifying current call variable

We need to store our call session in somewhere if we need to reuse it later. Let's add it to our main function variables:

var vertoHandle, vertoCallbacks, currentCall;

Making a call

We have to create the callback we've specified to the event binding inside our main function.

function makeCall() {

  currentCall = vertoHandle.newCall({
    // Extension to dial.
    destination_number: '3520',
    caller_id_name: 'Test Guy',
    caller_id_number: '1008',
    outgoingBandwidth: 'default',
    incomingBandwidth: 'default',
    // Enable stereo audio.
    useStereo: true,
    // Set to false to disable inbound video.
    useVideo: true,
    // You can pass any application/call specific variables here, and they will
    // be available as a dialplan variable, prefixed with 'verto_dvar_'.
    userVariables: {
      // Shows up as a 'verto_dvar_email' dialplan variable.
      email: ''
    // Use a dedicated outbound encoder for this user's video.
    // NOTE: This is generally only needed if the user has some kind of
    // non-standard video setup, and is not recommended to use, as it
    // dramatically increases the CPU usage for the conference.
    dedEnc: false,
    // Example of setting the devices per-call.
    //useMic: 'any',
    //useSpeak: 'any',

Tracking call progress

The onDialogState callback can be used to track the progress of the call if desired. It's fired each time the call changes state.

// Receives call state messages from FreeSWITCH.
function onDialogState(d) {
  switch ( {
    case "trying":
    case "answering":
    case "active":
    case "hangup":
      log("Call ended with cause: " + d.cause);
    case "destroy":
      // Some kind of client side cleanup...

vertoCallbacks = {
  onDialogState: onDialogState,
  // Other callbacks...

Now you should be able to make an audio call with Verto. But if you're able to make a new call you should be able to hang up a call.

You also may be interested in receiving real-time updates from the conference.